It is in almost every vegan’s interest to be active, but why? Because there is this totally new world you discover and you get introduced to (unfortunately and fortunately) and it’s a tough and – out of empathy – a very painful world. You start to see things, you’ve never seen before. As a vegan you want others to be able to see – see the truth about how living beings are treated so poorly and getting unnecessarily killed – for nothing.

When you transition to veganism you get to see a world you never thought was there. With getting more and more informed and educated it’s like living in a totally different world. You also get faced with so many problems and tasks and things you want to change because of your moral and ethical beliefs. You suddenly also get to see what the animal industry desperately tries to keep from everyone and how desperately they try to push a positive image consuming animal products and hiding the ugly truth from the public through the media, so people keep on buying certain products. You see how brainwashed and totally disconnected our society is from their moral beliefs. How hypocritical we all are raised and taken in by the society the industry is making us believe is morally right and normal. As a vegan, you see life in a different light and it’s very overwhelming at first.


veganism in a group of AV Anonymous for the Voiceless street activism all kinds of activism outreach mask personal conversations

You see other human beings in this bubble of the animal industry, which is though slowly going to burst – taken down by the vegan movement. You see people talk and act out of cultural habits, lack of knowledge and often not thinking about what they’re actually saying or doing and eating. Sometimes people say something very unethical and it makes you think about whether that person truly means the spoken words or if he/she is simply apathetic and disconnected from another life besides his/her own. And you as a vegan have the strong will and drive in you to change peoples views, break down walls and make them connect to the fact that ‘meat’ was once a living and breathing being, who went through hell on earth and felt fear, sadness, loss and pain and in the end had to give his/her life in order to just be seen a product for a quick humans ‘taste’.

veganism in a group of AV Anonymous for the Voiceless street activism all kinds of activism outreach mask personal conversations
Anonymous for the Voiceless / INTERNATIONAL CUBE DAY, Remember, remember the third of November

The activist group ‘Anonymous for the Voiceless’ (AV) established by Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari in April 2016 in Australia, is a very effective street activism group being active all around the world in local groups educating the public on factory farms and what their demand causes to the animals. AV uses kind and non-violent street activism, showing slaughterhouse footage (often from the area they’re from) in the ‘Cube of Truth’. The Cube of Truth is a peaceful static demonstration akin to an art performance. This demonstration operates in a structured manner that triggers curiosity and interest from the public. Activists in the cube, wear the Guy Fawkes mask, so people passing by, focus on the video footage and at the person holding the screen. The masks are also worn so the bystanders don’t feel looked at (and judged) by the person holding the screen. If people stop and look at the footage, outreachers talk and educate the person on what is seen on the screens, discuss and argue against animal welfare, but educate on how easy it is (especially nowadays) living a vegan lifestyle. Outreachers educate how veganism stops cruelty by its root and eliminates the killing of the victims of the animal industry. The animals. Both the cubers and the outreachers are equally important to the whole demonstration as either one couldn’t function without the other properly.

AV leaves interested people, who are at least open to give veganism a chance, with a card with great links to websites, books, and documentaries on health, our planet and our environment and of course the animal industry. AV recommends the platform Challenge 22, which guides a person through veganism and answers all questions they have, for 22 days.

Watch the video down below to see the impact on Anonymous for the Voiceless

In Vienna, a Cube of Truth is very active and it’s organized every single week (mostly at the weekends) by the amazing and hardworking Viennese organizers. With the Cube, we are able to reach out to so so many people in only a couple of hours. By joining AV in Vienna, we truly felt so heart-warmingly welcomed and accepted by everyone, for who we are and what we stand for. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of such a peaceful group and movement, which stands up and speaks out together as one for the ‘voiceless’. It is truly important to be among other vegans in order to exchange experiences and can feel 100 % yourself. It is so essential to stand up and speak up for the animals and together we are getting stronger and stronger with every week, with everyone who joins. 

If you are vegan and want to join the AV movement and Cube of Truth in your area, simply go to AV Official Facebook page and find your area. If there is no Cube happening in your area, you can also consider being an organizer Cubes in your area.

Activism comes in all kinds of forms. Activism nowadays doesn’t only happen on the streets anymore.

veganism in a group of AV Anonymous for the Voiceless street activism all kinds of activism outreach mask personal conversations


Some people love to cook vegan food for others, some even open a restaurant or cafè. Some, like us, educate people on a daily basis over the internet (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or in face to face conversations and sometimes have serious and heated debates and or discussions like YouTubers ‘Vegan Gains’ or ‘Ask Yourself’ (watch the debates linked to their names) in order to clarify and make people think about their actions and moral beliefs and correctness. Some have an apparel line like we do with Ve Can Change, do art and therefore spread the vegan message via #veganartivism. Some vegans have a YouTube channel like our friends from ‘2 Vegans 1 Cup’, some give vegan workshops and write blog posts like ‘mit Bauchgefühl’ or express themselves via vegan memes like ‘Weak by Nature’. Some play an informing role like finding vegan products in local stores like ‘VeganfindsAustria’ or organize vegan get-togethers to exchange within the movement. Some go on the streets and protest against cruelty and the unnecessary killing.

Some do some things, some do more things and some might do it all. Some educate their friends and families and do it by living it and showing others indirectly how easy and kind it is. No matter though WHAT you do – if you’re doing something and if that might be starting to educate your family and friends on it (which is by far the toughest thing btw), you’re active. It’s so important to stay active!

Speaking out for the ones who can’t speak out for themselves, who don’t speak our language, who can’t say ‘please don’t hurt me’ and ‘I don’t want to die’. Speak out against unnecessary cruelty and killing. Speak out for those you empathize with. Speak out as loud as you can, just like you would other to if you were in their position. Speak out for life.

It’s the least we can do! This is what we as humans owe the animals. The basic right of any sentient living being: the right to live.


As a vegan activist, you are mainly active for the animals, not someone’s health. Not wanting to rub someone the wrong way in order to talk about veganism – which could lead to a further big discussion on morals and ethical or even nutrition and the environment – will never cause change. You’re open to discussing, you’re open to clarify and teach people what wrongdoings our society is supporting and how unacceptable those doings truly are, based on moral beliefs.


veganism in a group of AV Anonymous for the Voiceless street activism all kinds of activism outreach mask personal conversations


Who I personally binge watched were James Aspey, Joey Carbstrong, and Earthling Ed. Gary Yourofsky was also a big influence on his speech.


Thanks to all vegans out there, who are making a change for the animals and this planet every single day. A huge thank you to all vegan activists, who put a lot of effort into their videos or blog posts to get the public more educated on the topic and change many hearts and minds. Thank you to those, who stand on the streets and educate people, hour after hour. Thank you to all vegan restaurants for showing it is possible to eat anything you want, but leave out the cruelty and killing! Thanks to every single vegan, who passes on the vegan message their own way! Be active and stay active, stand up and speak out – because only together we can achieve a change for the victims of this cruel industry. Thank You!



Please note: All definitions of words and/or stated facts are based on the correct terminology and are carefully research and the sources taken are linked here or directly in the blog post. This blog post is also stating a personal opinion and views on certain topics.

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Street Activism Group / Anonymous for the Voiceless – Cube of Truth

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